Autistic boy’s beloved cat in serious condition


This is Frassafas The Cats  Story; Frassafas is a very sick kitty. His family is desperately trying to help him. The Jarnagins are a generous and hard working people.

They have two sons; both Wylie and Waylon have Autism. Frass has been around for Wylie and Waylon’s entire lives. He is a big beautiful tabby, that has grown up used to the boys. It takes a special cat to be calm and tolerant with kids that don’t always have an easy time understanding animals. The boys are having trouble understanding that Frass is sick and might die. Frass is only 10. He should have a lot of good years ahead of him still. He is very sick, and testing and care to find out what is wrong and help him is expensive. It would be a shame for him to lose his life because of a lack of money. Please considder helping this family. To them, Frass is irreplaceable.


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