Strangers Runs to Help Poor Cat; What happens next is extraordinary


We bet that no animal lover would look away from a sight as heartbreaking as a badly injured animal. Honeyflowers imgur user found a cat lying in a pool of blood. It could be that the poor thing got hit by a car. Honeyflowers rushed to the animal in distress, and was shocked by the harsh reality… Actually, no cat was harmed. The feline was just lying on some dried paint splashes. But you gotta admit that was a scary sight if seen from a far.

Stranger under the imgur user name of Honeyflowers runs to the bloody scene while going on a walk

It seems that the kitty had been poorly injured by a car!

Fortunately, that was not the case. The cat was just enjoying its slumber with the sun. 

Wow! What a relief! The cat is like: “What the hell did you wake me up for?” Good thing you’re still fine, kitty.


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