Heroic Man Finds A Poor Dying Kitten And Saves Her Life!


Meet Godot! She was found on the street by a kind man, Mr Avahit, in a terrible state, one eye was missing and she was in need of immediate medical attention.

Guy Finds a Dying Kitten

Mr Avahit wasted no time and took her to the vet, they said that the bad eye should fall over time or it will have to be removed surgically. After she received some drops, the kitten was sent to her new home.

That was then Mr Avahit decided to contact Petfriends, to see if they could help with the care of the kitten. They decided to follow Godot’s progress and were on hand to help Mr Avahit if he needed it.

Poor kitten saved

After a few days there seemed to be no improvement, the medicine that was being applied


to the eye had no effect. Godot’s eyes were deteriorating and she required immediate medical attention. She was taken back to the vet who said that her eye had got so big that it could start to effect the brain, surgery was the only option.

The surgery went well and Godot was now on the road to recovery, thanks to help of her hero, Mr Avahit.

She is now a healthy and happy cat, and is becoming more playful every day.

At the moment she weights 3.5 pounds and she couldn’t be happier!

It looks like her past is now truly behind her, she is healthy, cared for and has found her

Hero saves a dying kittenforever home with a very kind man.


Here’s Godot with her hero, what a happy couple!


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