‘Viral Cats’ are spreading across the internet to raise awareness of cat vaccination


‘Viral Cats’ are taking over the internet with the launch of Merial’s social media campaign highlighting the importance of vaccinating cats.

There are an estimated 10.5 million cats in the UK, with 24% of the population owning a cat.1 Unfortunately, 26% of these cats have never been vaccinated1. This leaves them vulnerable to certain infectious diseases, some of which are very difficult to treat but could easily be prevented through regular vaccination.


In light of these recent statistics, the necessity of urging cat owners to vaccinate their cat(s) is becoming more apparent, with a further 38% of cat owners not realising the importance of vaccinating their cat regularly.1


‘Viral Cats’ is set to communicate the message about the importance of vaccination to cat owners far and wide, by using the power of the internet in a unique social media campaign, as well as the launch of a new microsite, www.viralcats.co.uk. The microsite hosts all the information a cat owner needs to know about feline vaccination, including a quiz to find out if their cat is covered and what to do if not.


If contracted, diseases such as Feline Infectious Enteritis and Feline Leukemia Virus can be potentially fatal to cats. Feline Upper Respiratory Disease (Cat Flu) is the most common infectious disease a cat can contract, and can cause cats to suffer with signs such as pneumonia and severe fever. These diseases can be contracted through direct contact with infected cats and some can even be carried into the home on shoes and clothes, meaning that even strictly indoor cats could be at risk. All three of these diseases, and more, can be easily prevented by vaccination.


Aiz Baig, Product Manager at Merial, says “Given the high numbers of unvaccinated cats in the UK, it is important that cat owners are aware of the risks they are taking if their cat is not up to date with their vaccinations. Using social media we can reach cat owners far and wide and encourage them to talk to their vet about what they can do to protect their cat.”


If you think your cat might be at risk, Merial urges you to contact your vet for advice. If your vet recommends that your cat needs to re start its primary course of vaccinations you can download a voucher from www.viralcats.co.uk for use at participating stockists, to enable you to get a primary course for the price of a booster (T&C’s apply – see www.viralcats.co.uk).


To show your support for the campaign and help encourage cat owners to protect their cat, look out for these posts and many more on social media and share them with your friends and family. Make sure these cats go viral so theirs don’t have to!


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