National Cat Day


National Cat Day

From striped tabbies to purrfect Persians, cats come in a variety of loveable shapes and sizes. Whether they’re pretending to play the keyboard or launching themselves into small boxes, our obsession with all things feline knows no bounds! So what better time to celebrate your cat than on Thursday 29th October, National Cat Day.

To help celebrate, the online pet store has pulled together a variety of their specialist pet products from their premium brands and boutique range, so you can show your furry friend how much you care.

Nap Time

The average house cat sleeps for sixteen hours a day, twice as much as humans – no wonder they have so much energy when you’re trying to get forty winks yourself! So whether your cat is a curious kitten or a mature feline, the Danish Design Leopard Print Kumfy Kradle (£15.49) is the ideal nap spot.

Stretch Out

The Rosewood Natural Catwalk Collection Saffron Cat Scratcher (£26.49) is multifunctional with two scratch posts, a feather toy for playtime and a cosy snooze station.

Keep Fit

Your kitten or cat will have hours of fun playing with the Raptor Electronic Cat Toy (£24.99). It has a flexible rod with a detachable pendant and the base control allows the speed and program to be changed.

Treat O’clock

Dreamies Cat Treats (£1.19) will have your cat purring with delight, the crunchy squares are filled with a delicious soft centre and are only two calories per treat!

Feline Friendly

If your cat suffers from anxiety then using Fetch’s Feliway Spray (£8.10) can help reduce their stress levels by mimicking their natural facial pheromones to create a feeling of familiarity and security.

Fresh Breath

Keep your cat or kitten’s breath smelling as fresh as a daisy with Fetch’s Royal Canin Feline Oral Care food (£10.99 – £40.99) The unique shape and texture of the kibble encourages intensive chewing action, which along with active agents helps to reduce plaque build up.

Always be aware that introducing a new food or treat has the potential to cause tummy upsets. Introduce a new food or treat gradually over 7-10 days to help minimise this risk. Check with your vet beforehand if you have any concerns.


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