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Couple Encourages Dog To Kill Cat *Graphic Warning*


The RSPCA has launched an investigation after a cat was attacked and killed by a dog in Seaham, County Durham.

A member of public contacted the animal welfare charity after seeing a man and woman running along King Street with a black and grey lurcher that was carrying a long-haired tortoiseshell cat in its mouth.

Inspector Catherine Maddison, investigating, said: “The witness told us that the man was speaking to the dog which then dropped the body of the cat in the road before the pair and the dog ran off along Strangways Street.

“When locals went out to investigate they found the cat was dead.

“A little while later the pair returned with a lurcher puppy and were trying to encourage the dog to go towards the cat’s body but, when the dog was seemingly uninterested, the man kicked the cat off the road and they all left the scene.”

The incident took place at around 11.30pm on 30 March.

The man was described as white, in his 20s or 30s, of slim build with short dark hair, wearing a flat cap and a camouflage jacket. The woman was describe as white, in her 20s or 30s, of average build with ginger/blonde hair in a ponytail and wearing a large backpack.

RSPCA inspector Maddison went to collect the body of the cat and took statements from the witnesses.

“The puss is microchipped but the chip isn’t registered so unfortunately we haven’t been able to trace an owner,” she said.

“We arranged for vets to check over the body and found the cat had broken his/her spine and dislocated a hip. His/her intestines were protruding and some claws were broken.

“The vet said these injuries are consistent with a dog attack which is why we’re investigating. We’d like to hear from anyone who saw what happened or who knows who this poor cat belongs to to get in touch with us by calling 0300 123 8018 and leave a message for me.”


Cat Deaths “Linked to Croydon Cat Killer”


Two cats found dead in Fareham had injuries “consistent” with others thought to have been killed by the so-called Croydon cat killer.

The decapitated body of a black and white crossbreed was found in her owner’s garden in Down End Road. Her tail had also been removed.

The mutilated body of a tabby cat was found in a garden in The Thicket.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (Snarl) said it believed the two cats were killed at the same time.

The charity said the owner of the tabby cat had not yet been found.

The Metropolitan Police has been investigating a series of “gruesome” killings that began in Croydon in 2015.

Representatives from the charity Snarl visited Whiteley Village Vet Centre in Fareham to analyse the injuries of the dead pets, which it said matched with other deaths by the infamous serial feline killer.

The rescue charity believes more than 400 animals have been killed in the same manner since then – mainly cats, but also rabbits and some foxes.

Snarl is helping police and a specialist forensics laboratory to piece together the times and locations of a number of deaths thought to be the work of the same person, once dubbed the Croydon Cat Killer.

Autistic boy’s beloved cat in serious condition


This is Frassafas The Cats  Story; Frassafas is a very sick kitty. His family is desperately trying to help him. The Jarnagins are a generous and hard working people.

They have two sons; both Wylie and Waylon have Autism. Frass has been around for Wylie and Waylon’s entire lives. He is a big beautiful tabby, that has grown up used to the boys. It takes a special cat to be calm and tolerant with kids that don’t always have an easy time understanding animals. The boys are having trouble understanding that Frass is sick and might die. Frass is only 10. He should have a lot of good years ahead of him still. He is very sick, and testing and care to find out what is wrong and help him is expensive. It would be a shame for him to lose his life because of a lack of money. Please considder helping this family. To them, Frass is irreplaceable.

Get Paid For Hanging with Kittens?


Get Paid For Hanging with Kittens?

MILWAUKEE — Want to get paid to hang out with cats?! Sip & Purr, Milwaukee’s new cat cafe, is hiring!

Get Paid For Hanging with Kittens

They’re looking for “the best of the best cat obsessed humans” to work part-time in the cat lounge. Responsibilities will include caring for adoptable cats, assisting and educating guests on cat behavior and cat care, handling adoption inquires and cleaning.

Requirements include cat rescue, fostering or veterinary experience, a love of people and cats, as “caring for our cats and guests is the number one responsibility of “Cat Lounge Concierges,” and experience cleaning — including litter box duty.

You must also be available mornings, nights and weekends, have a reliable work record and provide at least two recent work references. Owners are looking for people who are punctual, flexible, dependable, trustworthy and a team player.

Other requirements include a love of educating on cat care, cat behaviours, cat nutrition and more. You must also be willing to sign a non-disclosure and non-compete clause.


Ex-Police Murderers Neighbours Cats


This bridy lover isn’t popular within the Cat kingdom.

An ex trooper or police officer was outraged about his neighbours little felines killing his beloved birds, in total he killed nine of them – and got rid of their body in the neighbours own garden, according to a report.

By the name of Paul Greiner, 73 who lives in Portage, Wisconsin allegedly trapped and killed the felines because they “scared” his birdy friends away from there food source, there feeder on his property, a source told

“What was really so frightening was the expression [one cat] had on its face — almost like it was screaming with its eyes open,” said Liz Masterson, who found the cat carcasses on her land.

“Who does something like that?” she seethed.

Masterson (the owner) spotted the first of nine kitties dead in February – and later caught the ex-police in the act, she said.


“I saw the suspect get out of his vehicle, open his trunk and toss a dead cat on my property,” she told the station, adding she recognized Greiner as someone who used to live nearby.

“It’s been terrifying. I took every cat that I found as a threat to myself and my family, my kids, my pets,” she said.

Portage detective Dan Garrigan said the former cop simply had it out for the cats.

“He didn’t like the fact that they were in his bird feeders and took matters into his own hands and trapped these cats,” Garrigan said.

Masterson, who now lives 20 minutes from Greiner, said she has no clue why he would target her.


He retired from the Wisconsin state patrol in 1997.

10+ Cats Thats Broke The Internet


Cats are sometimes hilariously funny and full of surprises not just breaking things and peeing everywhere! some of the things they do give us laughter, and we all appreciate these cats that make us laugh!











Reports of Numbers of Killed Cats On A590


A NUMBER of dead cats have been spotted on the A590 between Swarthmoor and Rusland Pool.

This week motorists have reported seeing at least five dead cats on the unlit, 60mph stretch of the A590 between Rusland Pool and Ulverston. Another has been spotted close to Swarthmoor.

As there are few stopping places on the busy road, and given the higher speeds and lack of street lighting, it would be difficult for a motorist to pull over even if they had been aware of the collision.

You could be fined as much as £5,000 if you hit a dog with your car and fail to report it to police, but there is no penalty for failing to report a collision with a cat.

Because dogs are required by law to be kept on a lead near a highway, a collision with a canine needs to be investigated to see if the owner has broken the law.

As cats are legally allowed to roam freely, it is unlikely their owner would have broken any law should they be found on or near a highway.

While it’s a legal requirement to have any dog over the age of eight week microchipped and to keep your details up-to-date the same doesn’t apply to cats

ore than four million cats – about two in every five – are not microchipped, according to vets charity PDSA, which tells cat owners that getting their animals chipped is the “responsible thing to do”.

The charity says the UK should “introduce compulsory microchipping of owned cats”, following the examples of Spain and Belgium where it is already a legal requirement.

Government advice states you can report any dead animals you find on the road to the local council.

The following is a list of animals which must be reported by law following a collision:


Horses and cattle (e.g. cows);




Donkeys and mules.

A recent study by CarBuyer found almost 60 per cent of Brits agree the law should be changed to include cats as well.


Cute Kitty Shoes; How to DIY!


Cat Planet stumbled across this fab way of perking up a pair of flats. A really simple way of showing everyone how much you love your cats its worth a go! Read more tips at

If you do try it, please email in the pictures to

Guest post: DIY Cat Toe Shoes

DIY cat toe shoes

Hi! I’m Kate and I blog at Scathing Brilliant. For my guest post I’m doing a little DIY for all the cat ladies (myself included!) I love the cap-toe trend but I think cat-toes are even better, right? This project is super simple and only took me about 15 minutes tops!

cat toe shoes materials

Materials needed: Shoes (preferably plain with a round-toe and enough room at the front for a cap-toe effect), black paint, brushes, masking tape, white paint and a white marker pen if you don’t have a very steady hand with a brush.

how to make cat toe shoes

First, tape off the tops of the shoes. Really press hard on the tape so that none of your paint will seep through.
diy cat toe shoes
Paint the tops of the shoes black. I did three coats to get a really opaque color but I also wasn’t using the best acrylic paint lol. If you’re using a quality brand name paint one coat should do the trick!
diy cat shoes
When the paint is dry, peel off the tape and add little triangles for ears. You can use painters tape for this too if you aren’t good with freehand.
cat flats
For the eyes, I put a straight-pin in the eraser of a pencil to make a little dotting tool! Dip this lightly in the white paint, and add your eyes. If you mess up, you can always paint over it with black and try again 🙂 To make my cats have some more character, I went back and added a second little black dot in the corner of the white to give the illusion that the cats are looking off to the side.
paint cat shoes
Using an opaque white paint marker — or a fine brush and white paint — add whiskers and a nose!
DIY cat toe shoes
And voila! Pretty little cat toe shoes. If you want a more subtle cat look, you can always skip the face and just have the ears, which would be cute too! You can also play around with the colors and maybe even paint a tail on the back of the shoe!

Bullied Kid Rescues Cat with Same Unique Eyes


Christina Humphreys updated 2 photos with a status on her Facebook

View post on


Contact Christina, we had got this story, which is absolutely adorable and seems to be destined.

Christina lives in Oklahoma with three handsome kids. However, her youngest boy, Madden, was unfortunately born with both cleft lip and complete heterochromia iridum. Heterochromia iridum is when a part of the iris has at least two colors. Complete heterochromia iridum, where the eyes are complete different colors all together, is quite rare, existing in less than 1% of the population. That plus the cleft lips, is exceptionally rare.

“Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group. This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota,” Madden’s mom told the reporter. “We knew immediately that this kitty was meant to be part of our family. Not only does he have a cleft lip like our 7-year-old son Madden, he also has complete heterochromia iridum, like Madden. They were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone”

Madden finding Moon really seems like a miracle against all odds. “We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty. Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other. In a word full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey.”

Complete heterochromia iridum, where the eyes are complete different colors all together, is quite rare, existing in less than 1% of the population. That plus the cleft lips, is exceptionally rare

Madden finding Moon really seems like a miracle against all odds.

“We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty. Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other. In a word full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love.

“I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey.”


Strangers Runs to Help Poor Cat; What happens next is extraordinary


We bet that no animal lover would look away from a sight as heartbreaking as a badly injured animal. Honeyflowers imgur user found a cat lying in a pool of blood. It could be that the poor thing got hit by a car. Honeyflowers rushed to the animal in distress, and was shocked by the harsh reality… Actually, no cat was harmed. The feline was just lying on some dried paint splashes. But you gotta admit that was a scary sight if seen from a far.

Stranger under the imgur user name of Honeyflowers runs to the bloody scene while going on a walk

It seems that the kitty had been poorly injured by a car!

Fortunately, that was not the case. The cat was just enjoying its slumber with the sun. 

Wow! What a relief! The cat is like: “What the hell did you wake me up for?” Good thing you’re still fine, kitty.